A history of tradition and quality.

Our HISTORY has deep roots: was born in the late 1957 from the intuition of an entrepreneur who in Grosseto, with commitment and determination, was able to create a clothing factory, with qualified tailors and excellent products, which led it to be known all over the world for the unmistakable line and the very high quality of their clothes.


The respect for a tradition of quality and its evolution.

TOSCANO has behind his back an ancient STORY of TRADITION and QUALITY as long as time. And so, in respect of the past values and with the help of those same seamstresses who had contributed to weaving the story of this tailoring. Over the years Toscano has succeeded in recreating that unique and unmistakable style, combining the experience of generations with the innovative quality of its textiles and modern yarns.

The desire and the will to recover a story.

In the same place of his birth, despite thousand difficulties and yet driven by DESIRE and WILL to recover that legendary history, TOSCANO made sure that the extraordinary heritage of ancient experience and excellence should not be lost forever.